Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Haitian Governement

Hello everyone,

The government of Haiti is set up similarly to the United States and also the United Kingdom. The President of Haiti is elected in a democratic style: majority vote, ever five years. The president then appoints a Prime Minister as well as cabinet members.
The current President is Michel Martelly, and the Prime Minister is Evans Paul.

Could you imagine what it would be like if President Barack Obama only spoke German? What if Congress passed legislation that was only written in Chinese?

This is what the government is like to Haitian people. While conducting research about the politics of Haiti, I discovered that the government’s official language is French. However, French is not spoken by the majority of the country. Around 90% of Haitian people only speak Creole.

This disconnect between government and its people creates tension within the country.
I cannot imagine living in a country where my government could not communicate with me. I am looking more into this history as a special focus topic for a history of language course.
--Cristiana Sibley

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