Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Home Stretch Blog from Ruselle

Hello! It’s Ruselle and in less than 24 hours we will back to the U.S.! I bet some of you all are excited and can’t wait to hear about our trip more in-depth. Our 2nd to last day consisted of a 3 hour drive to the guest house where we stayed in Port-au-Prince. We also got a chance to visit a fair trade cooperative where we bought a few souvenirs. Don’t even talk about lunch, it was great! I must say that the best part for me today was the reflection. It was our last reflection and I loved it! The energy in the room was excellent and everyone seemed so relax and engaged. Laura started it off with a guided meditation on the journey we were on. After that, the group were given 3 questions to reflect on while they conducted journaling. We then went around in a circle and shared with the group what each individual wrote down. One of the responses that really stuck with me was Dante’s response. Following that, each person present an object they’ve collected along this journey and shared why they chose that object. We then closed our reflection with a quote.

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