Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Louisa's Blog (with a little from Laura)

Today was a long day for us here in Fond Tortue. We had the chance to meet all the coffee growers from other villages in Haiti. The coffee growers held a meeting at the local church to discuss a business meeting about coffee. We had the chance to sit with the coffee growers during meeting and we observed some of their concerns with the business. At the meeting, Joann the coordinator from Just Haiti educated the growers on how to care for the coffee nursery plants as well as how to prevent the coffee trees from dying.  We learned from the coffee growers about the importance of coffee and the movements of coffee. There are three major threats to coffee in Haiti: leaf rust, solit and deforestation. Joann, who is also an agronomist, gave a moving speech to the growers about how they should care for their coffee as they care for their children because coffee is opportunity, it is school and health and advancement.  We also took a walk around the neighborhood with Francois the president of the growers association KDB and Joann to look at the coffee plants.

Overall, based on the meeting and observation we learned from one of the coffee growers that Coffee is a sign of hospitality in Haiti. I believe this statement is actually true because as visitors here in Haiti we enjoy fresh coffee every morning for breakfast.

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