Monday, February 27, 2017

A palace and a feast for kings... First night in Haiti

Sunday morning...

Our first night in Haiti was one of certain allure. After rushing out of the airport and finding our way into a large white van the gang danced through Haitian traffic to find ourselves welcomed with open arms at Outreach to Haiti. We stayed the night in Outreach to Haiti's two story villa which was surrounded by old walls covered with flora. The building felt as though it were something from a fairytale. In fact, most of Port au Prince had this same allure. Modern architecture mixed with nature meets the fade of poverty. It is easy to see that this was once something of high regard but it is also evident that the struggle with poverty has not diminished the life of these people. The streets are teaming with people, with communities, that are anxious to get to their next place.
As it is now.... After a night in a palace and two full meals of fruit and vegetables we head to Just Haiti's grower's community in Fond Tortue.


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  1. So proud of you Kendra! Thank you for posting and giving us a inside look at your trip! Prayers and Love! Aunt Sis