Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The General Assembly

Day 3: Hello everyone, this is Arron!

So, it's day 3 in Haiti, and so far we've been immersed in many different parts of this country's culture and community. Today was another day full of new interesting experiences. After breakfast this morning, we had a huge meeting with leaders of KDB and some of the community where the leaders were from at the church that was just down the road.

On the way there, we encountered a group of kids playing instruments and singing with one child in the middle with a costume. All the kids were dancing to the music. The reason for this was that we came Haiti during the season of Carnival. It was one of the more exciting things that I've seen the youth in the community partake in. But the meeting we had at the church was more amazing to be apart of! There were so many people at the meeting, which, according to Kim, hasn't been that way in the past because lots of the people live very far away. In this meeting the leaders and communities discuss their commitment to the plan they've made and also share their appreciation to Just Haiti and their partners for helping get them to the place they are now. The main concern of the association right now is replanting to recover from Hurricane Matthew. Members of KBD were concerned about the origins of these seeds, but Just Haiti plans to buy seedlings that are from Haiti, despite the fact that seed prices here are higher than in the United States. This commitment to the Haitian community reaffirms Just Haiti's commitment to accompaniment and sustainability.

After the meeting was over, we had lunch, which since we've been here has been absolutely delicious! Once all of us had our fill, we individually hiked up the mountain with some of the children. For some of us it was for the view of the town and the mountains, and for others it was training for a marathon! When we all made it to the top, it was actually a beautiful moment of solidarity as it was a struggle for all of us to get there but we all got to enjoy the beauty of Fond Tortue from an overview perspective.

It was again another eye-opening day in Haiti, and we look forward to another one tomorrow!

Bon Nwit!

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