Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For the Beauty of the Earth

Today began with a drive into the countryside to visit St. Dominic's Orphanage. Our goal there was to work with the children and educate them about sustainability and recycling. In the morning, the children assisted us with picking up trash along the grounds of the orphanage. It felt very good to know that we were leaving an impression on them that God's great Earth requires our protection and respect for its undeniable beauty. We have a role to protect and preserve the Earth. Following lunch, we were able to play some games with the kids including our version of "Ne twa ye, fatra," which is similar to the US version of Hot Potato. In this case however, the literal translation of "ne twa ye, fatra" is "clean up, garbage" and the children would have to pass a piece of wrapper around a circle and whoever had the wrapper when the person in the middle yelled "fatra" was out. After that, we were able to spend some time just playing and socializing  with the children. This included some classic games of red hands, thumb wars, and Miss Mary Mack. It felt so rewarding to see the smiles on the children's faces when we were engaging them. The kids also enjoyed the soccer ball we brought and it once again reminded us that soccer is the universal language! It is hard to believe that our trip is more than halfway over, but the experiences and memories we have made will last a lifetime. Due to a technical glitch, the pictures that accompany this post will be added tomorrow.



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