Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"This is the day the Lord has made..."

Today we were blessed with the opportunity to participate in one of Outreach To Haiti's partners, in which we were in complete solidarity with the children and adults that we encountered. We started our day at the Mother Theresa Feeding program, where mothers can bring their children to be evaluated for malnutrition and they provide meals for these infants and children. We were able to directly interact with the children in this program by nurturing them. We had lunch at a local "fast-food restaurant" where we were able to eat crepes and embrace yet more Haitian culture. After lunch we made our way to the Action pou Timoun feeding program, which was started years ago by Madame Sansan and is continued by her family; where we distributed meals to local children. Thanks to Hannah Krueger, the children were over-joyed to receive friendship bracelets from us. We were all touched by the relationships formed with these children today, and hope that we have made a memorable impact in their lives as well.
(The picture sums up our day, and we hope you can find a deeper meaning in it based upon the experiences we have shared.)

All our love from Haiti,
Kate and Leah

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