Thursday, March 5, 2015

Genuine Encounters Communicated in Love

Last night (Wednesday) for our reflection we were challenged to come up with an action step for the rest of our time here in Haiti. Only we can determine how this trip will affect our life and this action step was meant as a way for us to envision the lessons and values we can learn while in Haiti. One of my action steps was simply “genuine encounters”. Today at L’Arc En Ciel (which has already been explained in a previous post), I took my action step. The beautiful children that we were blessed to encounter reminded me how easy it is to be genuine, and how powerful that can be. They greeted us with kisses and led us by hand to their playground because that is who they are. They taught us games (even though they had to explain the rules at least 10 times and use lots and lots of hand gestures) and played with us like we were part of their family. These encounters that took place by singing songs, hiding rocks, and holding hands serve as a reminder of how connecting with another is not as difficult as we make it out to be. It’s amazing how easy Love can be communicated, regardless of the barriers.


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