Sunday, March 1, 2015

Haitian University Students

The sun has set, and the temperature has cooled. We are hanging out like old friends as we wait for our nightly group reflection. I am so excited for this reflection because so much has happened today!

One of the most provoking parts of the day was when we had the opportunity to chat with students from universities in Haiti. Did you know only the top 3% are accepted to the Haitian state universities? These students take an entrance exam, and only the top of the top are admitted.

During our discussion, we asked them questions about their experiences at University. They told us about the competition amongst students. They also told us that this is their one shot at success. If they do not do their absolute best or falter for one minute, they'll lose their ticket out of poverty. Many of the students planned to come to America when they completed their degrees.

Perhaps the hardest part of the conversation was when they asked us about our universities. One of the women asked us if the parties were as amazing as they looked in the movies.

"Tell us about the crazy activities you do!"

This hit me like a brick wall. I was deeply saddened that this country thinks that life as a University students in America is like American Pie or The House Bunny. I tried to explain that life was not like it appeared in the movies.
My peers and I discussed the competitiveness of Gannon University. We also talked about spending late nights studying. Though there can be get-together in Greek Life on campus, it is by no means that majority of our students who participate.

With this discussion, I was left counting my blessings for having my opportunities at Gannon University. It also left a want to portray America in a different light, and to work hard to do so.
Things are well. We are well-fed and well taken care of.
With that, I wish everyone a good evening. Remember that we are all blessed!
Sending love back home,


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